Our Team

Online Media Solutions currently have a core team of 21 talented individuals who each play an integral role in the company. Each team member has a dedicated role whether it be in project management, design, business innovation, development or customer services. The team work collectivly ensuring we provide the best quality service to our clients and each project reaches it potential.

Online Media Solutions are based in Manchester, England. Our team how-ever are situated all over the world.

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The Development Team

The developlemt team is headed by Mike and his job is to ensure that all website design projects are fulfilled to our clients specifications on time. Mike manages David, Alex, Jay, Russel and Ruby who have a combined portfollio of over 3500 websites. Mike ensures that the team also spends extensive time researching and familiarizing themselves with industry trends and developing technologies which enables Online Media Solutions to remain one step ahead of the competitive competion.

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The Graphics Team

The graphic design and media team, headed by Alex, focus on creating image and video marketing material to catch the eye of the target audience to aid Online Media Solutions clients in their ventures. The team is composed of six creative individuals with specialist skills in music, content, graphics and colour design and, working as a team, they get the job done in a timely yet effective fashion.

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The Account Managers

Our account managers, headed by George, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer account management. Each Online Media Solutions client is allocated a personal account manager as well as a dedicated online account. The account managers act as middle-man between the client and the design team. Their primary objective is to meet our clients instructions and specifications whilst also applying effective strategies to enable our clients to out perform their competition.

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Administration Team

Our administration team, managed by Henry, ensures that the day-to-day running of Online Media Solutions is documented and immediately auditable to adhere to government rules and regulations as well as ensuring the efficient running of Online Media Solutions.

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